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Avaraj-Outside Looking In
Avaraj-Outside Looking In
Avaraj-Outside Looking In

Avaraj-Outside Looking In | Split

From the momentum gained by her singles during the pandemic, Avaraj releases her debut album. They are an indictment of the feelings we all have experienced during the pandemic, a shift into disorder and isolation. The album is called Outside Looking In, a tale of an artist during a troubling time like this.

Reviewing her previously released single World So Cold, it was evident Avaraj was turning a spark into a flame. Her song had the rhythm, symphony and the clever composition that was needed to make it a buoy. Now she releases an album hoping to cause a ripple effect, shockwaves monumental in nature.

Opening the album with Drift Apart, Avaraj cleverly uses guitars and piano to create a shroud to sing over. Complimenting her deep-set voice that is signature to her taste, the instrumentals tend to fade away when she sings. Though the effects are there to aid, they create a warping effect for time, as seen in popular lo-fi songs. She expresses the distance we all feel, how and why while the instruments provide a steady groove to work on. Intense start for the album.

Delivering the voice of despair, a melancholy track called Lost Hope makes its way to your psyche. Choosing more of a hip-hop vibe to rap over, Avaraj continues to distinguish the distance we have felt over this time, and the feeling of a doomsday. The verses are what set this song apart, more than the instrumentals-so a change from the tone of the previous song.

Like Tattoos is a beautiful segue which uses a nice guitar loop to form as the mesh in the background. Less than 2 minutes in length, it gets to the point sooner, and prepares you for what Avaraj wants to make statements about. The background sounds like an entertaining mix with endless possibilities, and she delivers as promised.

The single that Sinusoidal had reviewed previously now comes to close the album. The song as previously mentioned, World So Cold, created the pedestal that Avaraj needed to launch from, because of the masterful delivery and compositon style for such a young artist. The hard rock/metal vibe tends to zero in on frustration and despair, and she does justice to the sound. Released as a single, it was the statement we needed from an artist like this to build a reputation that is going to help her take to the stars.

With another take and style for the same song, this artist shows how sound can change meaning. The stripped-down version of the song is a different touch, though I prefer the original. Some might relate to this sound and quality of delivery more. Avaraj creates an album that focuses on contemplating this predicament, and explaining it through art. Like I mentioned in the single’s post, it’s something we’re all feeling, but only a few translate it with poise.

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