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Lil’ Rubio- Bad All Night | Melodic Serenade

Lil’ Rubio is an Austria-based singer-songwriter and a producer who is known for his unique vocal abilities and his courage to be experimental with high notes where other singers normally wouldn’t go. With 16 singles, 2 albums and an EP, Lil’ Rubio has a vivid array on his discography. All his tracks are different from other which perfectly portrays his versatility. This is an artist who will never disappoint you with his tracks. I’ve been following this artist for the year and is one of the few artists that I cherish.

The artist draws inspirations from Pop, Trap and Hip-Hop genres yet has his own distinctive way of executing is tracks which separates him from the crowd.

Lil’ Rubio recently released his new single ‘Bad All Night which is a perfect portrayal of his skills. The melodies in the track are innovative and heartfelt. The music perfectly compliments the super-smooth vocals that dig deep into the complex emotions which are hard to express in words. The track engulfs the listener in deep senses through the deep musicality and smooth lyricism. The melodies are addictive and keep playing on your mind on repeat if you’ve listened to his tracks. The vocal engineering is distinctive and justifies the vibe of the track perfectly. There are several musical elements in the track which are ear candies for the listeners. The song will surely have you moving your feet with the beat. The power that music holds can clearly be seen through this track.

Listen to ‘Bad All Night’ by Lil’ Rubio-

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