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Talk (Let's Not) [Full Band] by Sally Crosby
Talk (Let's Not) [Full Band] by Sally Crosby

Talk (Let’s Not) EP: Let Sally Crosby’s Raw and Honest Folk Pop Music Captivate You

Discover the soulful sounds of Sally Crosby, a talented singer-songwriter hailing from rural Mid Wales. With her unique blend of ukulele, piano, and acoustic guitar, Sally’s music is raw and honest, evoking a deep emotional response in her listeners. From her earliest days learning the piano at just five years old, Sally has dedicated her life to crafting beautiful melodies and heartfelt lyrics. Now, with several successful tours and festival appearances under her belt, including Wakestock Festival and FOCUS Wales, Sally is set to take the music world by storm. Don’t miss your chance to experience the magic of Sally Crosby’s unforgettable music.

Sally, the musical prodigy, has graced the world with a fresh and electrifying new EP entitled “Talk (Let’s Not).”

The first song is “Talk (Let’s Not) [Full Band.]”

As soon as the play button is pressed, the listener is transported into a realm of sonic ecstasy, thanks to the mesmerizing drum beats that kick off the song. Sally’s raspy and commanding vocals pierce through the mix, pulling the listener into the emotional vortex of the song.

As the song progresses, the guitar work weaves in and out of the mix, adding a peppiness that is infectious and impossible to resist. The rhythmic strumming of the strings and the expertly executed riffs give the song a live feel, and transport you back to a retro era, as if you’re experiencing a live performance by a legendary rock band.

The catchy refrain, “Cause we don’t wanna, we don’t wanna talk,” will stay with the listener long after the song has ended, leaving them humming the tune for hours on end.

“Talk (Let’s Not) [Stripped]” by Sally Crosby is a mesmerizing version of the original track that showcases the artist’s stunning vocals in a mellow setting. The song moves more leisurely than the full band version, allowing Sally’s voice to take center stage and shine.

Sally’s voice is a thing of beauty, and Talk (Let’s Not) [Stripped] really lets it take flight. The subtle instrumentation creates a relaxed atmosphere that perfectly complements Sally’s vocals, creating a truly immersive listening experience.

The acoustic rendition of “Talk (Let’s Not)” is a stunning masterpiece that will captivate your senses. The intricate guitar riffs, paired with Sally’s melodious vocals, create a beautifully refined sonic tapestry. What strikes me most about “Talk (Let’s Not) [Acoustic]” is the way Sally’s voice is both emotive and passionate. It evokes a range of emotions that will leave you spellbound.

The minimalistic instrumentation not only accentuates the guitar’s intricacies but also directs attention toward the lyrics, allowing them to be fully appreciated. Of the three versions presented in the EP, the acoustic version stands out as my personal favorite. Its raw and unadorned quality makes it an exceptional track that deserves appreciation and reverence.

Enjoy listening to Talk (Let’s Not) by Sally Crosby here.

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