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Gideon Foster- Prophecy
Gideon Foster- Prophecy
Gideon Foster- Prophecy

Gideon Foster writes a melody to his own “Prophecy”, his debut album release

Gideon Foster can tell you fables, through music. His tone is an amalgam of many genres of rock, pop and maybe even electronic. All you know is that you can’t quite predict where his songs will go. So many musicians inspire him, he will inspire the next generation. This is his game changer of an album, Prophecy. This is where he writes his fate.

With an alluring rhythm, he opens this album with Affirmation. It is the swing and breathing pulse to the whole album, so it is a catchy one. The chorus section sticks to you, just simple jangling guitars and the beat hanging around. It is a powerful precedent to set for the rest of the album. Curious Eye has a Morrissey like aura around it. It is a meditative string web that you’re entangled in. As the song progresses, you can start feeling the layers he has employed. Gideon Foster has taken this to the lab, for the kind of sound he intends. 

The title track is the third. There is a Depeche Mode, late 80s compositional style in this one. The keys make the lyrics levitate, creating a splendid, hollow but melodically precious composition. Disparity and juxtaposition has to be experienced in the essence of the song, not before or after. Fatal Kiss continues that age of New Wave sound. It is a simple, yet addictive groove. You feel yourself moving to such an engaging track, the chords in the chorus reeling you in. Six Feet Under crafts a waltz soundscape with a rock swing. The minimal instrumental with the steady beat is something Gideon Foster is known for. This allows some of the spotlight and limelight to be shared by the melody and lyrics. 

Journeys to the edge of the world

With Days of Gold, you might imagine you’re in a cinematic void that is a prism of light and sound. Though this cage cracks open, the layers and narrative is always a powerful experience to feel. Piece of Me has a ballad remorse to it. Like any great singer-songwriter, he brings the emotions to their rawest stage. The percussion is skeletal, yet exists as evident as a heartbeat. Gideon Foster continues the dramatic ascend with Picture You. You’re once again in New Wave land, almost a Joy Division swing to it. It is wonderful to experience, yet part of the same larger signature that Gideon is responsible for.

You might see yourself progress on the album and feel disoriented. The electronica element is increased in texture with All Things. The stories told and poetry recited is of quality and style, something that he is writing his prophecy with. Hedonism gels aspects of his ballad writing and ominous messages in tone. His vocals change in modulation, depth and distance in each song, making it unique. By the time you reach Cross the Stream, there is a pop swing in the air. Does it counter the darkness of Temptation? Yes, in many ways. It is also a lesson in how to compose an entire album with your own special tone. 

With this album, Gideon makes a mark that is etched in time and sound. His sound and voice are unique, and the resultant music is inspired. Listen to his brilliant album and follow him for more of this music:

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