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Nick Noon – A Jejune Affair | Mystery Knack

Nashville, Tennessee based innovative rock artist Nick Noon crafts a wondrous EP titled A Jejune Affair. The album consists of four songs and runs for seventeen minutes. Within less than twenty minutes, Noon crafts musical wizardry of the highest levels.

The EP commences with the phenomenal first song Costumes. Beginning with spoken French word verses and proceeding with the bass line and the arrangement incrementally increasing. The song features some great vocal choral and harmony parts. We get an eclectic arrangement featuring keys and guitars. This is a fun and imaginative baroque rock pop song. When the Chariot Calls is the second track on the record. This song has an acoustic guitar as its rhythmic foundation. On this foundation, Nick weaves magic with the right amounts of strings, keys, and vocal choral harmonies.

The third song on the EP is Bring out the Sunshine. Here we begin with a beautiful string intro which proceeds into acoustic guitars. The chorus is a magical dreamscape with Noon’s signature harmonies and magnificent arrangements. In the middle section, we also get a stunning guitar solo. This transitions eventually to a quasi acapella section where the organ eventually pops in. This is my pick from the record. Sobering strings begin the fourth and final track, Grant Me Speed. Piano chords combined with sustained chords create a vibe to hold your attention. Acoustics and other harmonic elements are added as the song ends in a musically perplexing outro. What a joyous listening experience by Nick Noon!

Nick aims to push the boundaries with his sound to create a dynamic style that reflects his passion for numerous genres. He draws inspiration from his life experiences. His poetic writing has been compared to the bards of the working class like Woody Guthrie, Bob Dylan, and Hank Williams. This is music that will leave you speechless with its unfathomably energizing captivating air. A baroque pop cinematic EP with strings, pianos, and guitars would likely feature a combination of orchestral and rock elements.

The strings, such as violins and cellos, would provide a lush and grandiose sound, evoking feelings of grandeur and drama. The piano, often playing melodic and harmonic accompaniment, would add a touch of elegance and sophistication. The guitars, whether acoustic or electric, would add a modern and dynamic edge to the sound, giving it a sense of energy and movement. The overall soundscape would be cinematic and evocative, drawing listeners into a rich and immersive musical experience. The songs would likely be melodically and harmonically complex, and the lyrics would be poetic and introspective. This EP would be perfect for a movie soundtrack, background music or simply to enjoy it alone.

With an approachable voice and emotional appeal, we can a mystical concoction of sonically rich chord progressions and melodies. Noon manages to craft a unique style whose roots could be traced to The Beatles or Oasis. But make no mistake, Nick Noon continues a fresh innovative legacy!

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