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Ori Dagan – Click Right Here | Master Of Jazz
Ori Dagan – Click Right Here | Master Of Jazz

Ori Dagan – Click Right Here | Master Of Jazz 

Ori Dagan is an award-winning singer, songwriter, and recording artist. He is a master of jazz and his work is rooted around vintage jazz music which he blends with his modern songwriting techniques. Based in Toronto, Canada, he surrounds himself with Canada’s finest musicians, performing new and his most delicate material. A few of Dagan’s critically acclaimed releases are “Less Than Three <3”(2012) and “S’ Cat Got My tongue” (2009) which got him international recognition. 

Ori Dagan is a passionate and creative musician, who is trying to keep jazz alive. 

His latest album “Click Right Here” is a wonderful piece of art, it features 10 songs and has a run time of about 31 minutes. The album is one of the most unique works of art I have witnessed, the whole album has a strong storyline and an interesting message. He wrote this album during the pandemic when he saw the whole world was dependent on social media and technology. 

“Click Right Here” is an album full of hilarious events and emotions. On this record Ori’s hilarious attempt to showcase social media and its issues are remarkable. Talking about the songs in detail, the most popular song on the record is “clicked on romance”. As expected, the song starts with full-on swing music with a groovy drum beat and trumpets and the bass line with comping rhythms on piano. The powerful and deep voice of Ori is exceptional. The song is about meeting a woman on social media. it’s both fun and groovy. 

The most hilarious and quirky song on the album is “My Finger Slipped”. It is such a relatable song. The events described in this song has happened to everyone one of us, from pocket dialing to sending the wrong emojis, this song is a feeling for all finger slippers. The music is so great. The slow and mellow pace of drums is followed by trumpets and bassline and some great riffs in between are marvelous. A lovely romantic song called “Would You Swing Way” is yet another masterpiece, the song has a beautiful melody and some fantastic vocals are the heart and soul of it. 

The whole album is just amazing as every song has a storyline and the music is out of the world. It is a must-listen album for everyone who is a fan of jazz and for every music lover in general.

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