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AYTONE’S – Butterflies over Your Head | Trip-Hop Rock
AYTONE’S – Butterflies over Your Head | Trip-Hop Rock

AYTONE’S – Butterflies over Your Head | Trip-Hop Rock 

AYTONE’S is a wonderful contemporary rock music band that started as a solo project by Anton Dobrorez. The solo project started in the Ukrainian city of Kyiv in 2015 but was later joined by Dmytro Gedrovych a guitarist and vocalist and Yevhen Seleznyov a drummer. The lead in this trio is Anton Dobrorez who of many things is a composer, lyricist, and the creator of this project. 

AYTONE’S have released several singles since their debut in 2020. One of their masterworks is a track from their release in 2020 called “Butterflies over Your Head”. It is an amazing trip-hop/alt-rock song. 

Let’s talk about the song and its ingredients in detail. The song starts with a fade-in of a drum beat a trip-hop style. Followed by a lead on a synth that has a sort of eerie vibe and it gives hints of the chord progression. The intro lifts up with the addition of heavy bass, various synth leads, and sound effects. A surprising element might shock you, the key of the song changes after the intro to make a way for the vocals. An electric guitar enters with a soft pad and mellow beat. Soon the vocals kick in with a lot of power giving a thrust to the song. The melody follows the chord progression and is very melodic and emotional. The key changes again in the chorus section and brings a lot of power to the song. The song ends with amazing vocals by Anton and performances by Dmytro on the guitars and Yevhen on the drums are worth remembering and astonishing. 

 AYTONE’S is an amazing trio making phenomenal songs. Their music is completely different and unique and shows their skills and talents accurately. It’s highly recommended to listen to their song “Butterflies over Your Head”. 

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