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Nuno and the End – Infinity
Nuno and the End – Infinity

Nuno and the End – Infinity | Galactic Odyssey

Berlin, Germany alternative dark rock pop artist Nuno and the End presents his fourteen-track magnum opus titled Infinity. Infinity is inspired by French author and pilot Antoine de Saint-Exupéry’s eternal novella The Little Prince. It is a perplexing record with immense beauty and depth much like the famed rose under a bell jar of the Little Prince. The album narrates the journey of a traveler from earth into space journey.

The musical project is the result of artist Nuno Filipe’s daydreams and a combination of varied streams of art. Combining electronic and post-rock influences, and aural visual tones, it aims to take us on a journey that you’d live while listening. It promises to be hypnotic, immersive and transcending. And that is a promise well kept with this record. This is music in the tradition of transcendental space rock like Pink Floyd and David Bowie.

The first track Ode To Infinity is in spoken word Portuguese. This is a beautiful rumination on the nature of the cosmos and the wonder which inspired Carl Sagan. It has a calm serene synth arrangement with an amazing rock breakdown with banging riffs and rums. Home in musical fashion, it has the right changes in mood and establishes an epic cinematic feel with the right use of synths and strings. The beginning of our tale.

The mood shifts from epic to casual synth and electro-baroque pop in Exit. Half a minute and you are surprised with a change in mood and progression. A ticking clock hand moves into an ethereal progression of our narrator encountering the sun. From joyful to moody, our tale takes a turn in New Worlds. With industrial synth and clean piano riffs, we get electronic drums with some mystery-generating melodies and production. Guitars and livid soundscapes are combined to paint a sense of tripping sound.

Compass is a modern electronic disco and dance-pop track. With elements of modern electronic trance and dance music and pianos. An enchanting track and a way to show the sheer variety and scope of sounds. A step into the dark side, we get Once. A pensive song with great use of clean guitars and synths. Again here, we see the creative transitions in musical moods and harmonic progressions. The song concludes with a rock outro and some cool toms drum fills. Sheer musical wizardry by Nuno and the End!

Into the Void hovers between the limbo sound represented by the piano’s prominent rock and the calm arrangements. The song concludes with a stunning heavy outro that will keep you on the edge! Heavy on glassy percussion Astronaut has shimmering chiming high note rainbows clouds. A very enchanting song that will make you revel in its beauty. What is a space rock album without a tribute to David Bowie? We get a wonderfully reimagined cover of Space Oddity, with the right doses of operatic and rock energy and innovation.

The tracks Remembrance, Eternity, Hyperspace, Cordella, and Solar Epiphany constitute the concluding leg of the record. Hyperspace is a highlight among these with ming boggling electronic and rock experimentation which is solid in terms of raw musicality.

We can see influences of artists like Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, Porcupine Tree, and Imogen Heap converging in this work. With magical and fresh production tones this is a musical journey and voyage not to miss! Exhilarating melodies, harmonies, and grooves, every element in this record are of the highest vision and perfection. Nuno and the End will keep you emotionally engaged by means of its opportune musical transitions. Infinity has that eternal warm human quality that Exupery’s Rose possesses. Plain magic!

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