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The Cumberland River Project's On A Nashville Night
The Cumberland River Project's On A Nashville Night
The Cumberland River Project - On A Nashville Night

The Cumberland River Project’s on a Nashville Night Will Surely Make Its Place in Your Daily Playlist

The latest single by The Cumberland River Project, On A Nashville Night, is a song comprising cheerful and mesmerizing musical elements. The Cumberland River Project is the brainchild of German singer-songwriter Frank Renfordt who has been a professional in the steel industry for a major part of his life. Frank is now in his early 60s, and songwriting, music production, and singing have become a significant part of his life. The latest single, On A Nashville Night, is fine proof of Frank’s prolific musical artistry from an overall perspective.

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The Cumberland River Project’s On A Nashville Night is an out-and-out country rock song comprising the genre’s most authentic elements and hits the listener’s soul right from the very first note. The song starts with a beautiful country-tinged guitar melody line which you can almost begin to hum after you listen to it once. A steady drumming and very soothing vocals join in, and occasionally there are some very tasteful guitar fills that complement the rhythm section and the vocals in a soulful way. Besides the tight backing and the heart-touchingly melodic composition, the song’s lyrics bring out the essence of Nashville’s simple yet amazing and happy nightlife.

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So, tune in to The Cumberland River Project’s On A Nashville Night as soon as you can, and you can check this superb track out here:

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