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Shockpowder-Evergreen Solace
Shockpowder-Evergreen Solace
Shockpowder-Evergreen Solace

Shockpowder brings metal to shoegaze with his latest single, “Evergreen Solace”

Shockpowder redefines the edges of metal. One of the genres with the most amount of subgenres, this artist tries at the fold once more. The result is an emotional outlet with melting guitars, a hardcore spine of rhythm and an approach to music which only a fan could dissect. With multiple singles featured in indie metal lists, this is his latest single, Evergreen Solace. 

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Shockpowder inviting soundscapes

You must find what is under the epidermis. With guitar walls that close in with every passing second, you also feel the liberation of the dissonant chord changes. Shockpowder lets the progression marinate before pouring in the lyrics. The softer arpeggio creates a haunting setting, coupled with the ambient interaction. The vocals are a transmissive salute to bands like Alcest. The levels ensure that his vocals are the primary echo, while the layered guitars create the necessary ripples. Though glazed with emotional undertones, the song still chooses ambivalent themes to rest upon. The song is worth multiple listens, diving into the meaning deeper with every journey. Falsetto melody lines can be heard assisting the outro. It is the preparation of an atmosphere of thought and introspection. Closing with the verse section into-the duality is felt one last time before the dust settles. 

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You can immerse yourself in Shockpowder with longer tracks like Summerglow. More ambient journeys can be transcribed with Nonsensical Dream. This artist has the talent of creating spectacular visuals if your imagination will entertain this kind of palette. Listen to his brilliant single and follow him for more metal shoegaze!:

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