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leuer - i can't believe i found you
leuer - i can't believe i found you

I Can’t Believe I Found You: A Synthpop Gem by LEUER

LEUER is an extraordinary Oregon-based artist who seamlessly blends the infectious energy of pop with the emotional intimacy of folk. LEUER crafts a tapestry of emotions with his fascinating vocals, leading listeners to an expanse of infinite sonic landscapes that resonate profoundly within. LEUER’s music is influenced by Coldplay, Josh Groban, Bon Iver, LAUV, Stevie Nicks, Shy Martin, and Andrew Belle, among others. Despite managing hard 12-hour workdays, LEUER invests his heart and energy into his craft, methodically writing, recording, mixing, and producing every component of his soul-stirring compositions. LEUER is a strong advocate of self-esteem and mental health, and he uses his platform to inspire and uplift others.

“I Can’t Believe I Found You,” LEUER’s latest release, is an amazing synthpop gem. The song seamlessly blends together engaging guitar riffs, inviting synth melodies, and an irresistibly buoyant bassline. The vocals are full of passion and emotion, with a hint of robotic appeal. The song has a liberating vibe to it, resonating with those who have rediscovered love after an awful setback, rekindling hope in the face of sorrow. While the words convey profound vulnerability and sincerity, the song’s musical arrangement effectively expresses these emotions.

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The lyrics reflect a sincere and honest expression of love, making a genuine connection with the listener Notably, the words “Can’t believe I found you/ Is this the way love’s supposed to feel” strike a chord. As the song progresses, it gradually ascends towards a jubilant crescendo. LEUER has crafted a remarkable piece that reminds us of the power of love in its purest form.

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Enjoy listening to “I Can’t Believe I Found You” here.

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