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The Margaret Hooligans – Turntable Tribulations
The Margaret Hooligans – Turntable Tribulations

The Margaret Hooligans – Turntable Tribulations | Rock Fest

Philadephia based garage rock duo The Margaret Hooligans have released their much awaited album Turntable Tribulations. Turntable Tribulations is the follow-up second album from The Margaret Hooligans after their stunning debut LP BoomBox Blasts. The Margaret Hooligans consists of Meg Cratty on the electric ukulele/vocals and Mr. Strontium on the drums/teapot/back up vocals. Turntable Tribulations was produced by Mr. Strontium and all tracks were recorded in the basement of Piety Street Publishing. Jon Huxtable of Smallfish Recordings mixed and mastered the album.

The album begins with Oh Lord, Hit It. It begins with a gritty raw as hell crunchy fuzzed out guitar tone. Tasty! Much like the rhythm guitar the drumming and vocals are equally as raw. What a start to the album! Good Morning Micro Man is a tongue-in-cheek attack against tech billionaires. It traverses their psyche and the profit minded shallowness of this class which is up to sink the world. The third track on the album is Red Rider. This is a freeing rock song featuring a distorted electric ukelele. The drum groove and power chord blazing by The Margaret Hooligans is a signature. A song that will remind one of The Who. A banger that is rooted around the groove and raw rock and roll.

Fat Tongue is the fourth track on the record. The song takes off with a really quirky arrangement which primarily features drums as the rhythmic instrument indeed but also the textural percussive element. Midway we get the fuzzy guitars to come in and how sweet do they sound! It could be termed as stripped down reggae pop and garage rock by The Margaret Hooligans.

The fifth track and midpoint of the record is Pete And Roger. This is a fiery rock tribute to the legends from The Who, vocalist Roger Daltrey and guitarist Pete Townshend. Peter and Roger is a chronicle of the turbulent and enduring comradery between Daltrey and Townshend. The electric rhythm ukelele part of the song is of course a wink to Pete Townshend’s unmistakable fiery guitar style. Raw recording style gives an almost live feel, honestly reminiscent of the breath-holding Who concerts.

Feedback is the sixth song from the album. The song deals with the annoyance artist tend to feel with the way opinion sharing on music tends to work. A dazzling rock song that packs a punch while channeling frustration in an apt musical direction. The album concludes with three bangers by The Margaret Hooligans titled Bippity Boppity, I’ve Got Something To Say, and Psycho Diapers.

The album features some amazing drum fills and grooves which while unconventional are rooted in rock and maintain the groove. That combined with the sweet electric ukelele power riffing, with its sweet tone, makes the rhythm section of the record a delight to revel in. Turntable Tribulations by The Margaret Hooligans is a string of rock firey songs that you’ll spin to no end.

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