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The Horn – Power Show
The Horn – Power Show

The Horn – Power Show | The Cult is Coming After You

Power Show is the latest single from British rock’n’roll band The Horn, and follows a string of successful releases from the band earlier this year. Power Show is a single that truly exhibits this new entry to the Brit-Rock scene’s potential.

The lyrics urge the populace to be careful what they wish for, since every headline is just another display of power. In an energetic set of electric strings, drums, and bass, the band manages to narrate a rather unfortunate story.

With a catchy beat and a groove that makes you move, this outfit is not afraid to tackle the topics that true artists must. With a bright tune and soft vocals, they’re disillusioning one listener after another – urging them to open their eyes to reality. The cult is coming after them and will try to brainwash them for nothing more than a power trip.

The band has been getting the attention of the press across the UK for their unique 80’s-rock reimagined sound. Furthermore, live performances have been receiving ecstatic responses from the crowds. The Horn consists of five members, based out of Taunton, UK. It is interesting how these musicians came together to form the band. The age difference of the band members allows them to create their signature sound, and tap into a diverse set of listeners. 

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