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Stephen James Orr - Losing Time
Stephen James Orr - Losing Time

Stephen James Orr – Losing Time | Honey to the ear

Losing Time by Stephen James Orr is a step towards the hooky, rock direction from the indie-folk music producer. Losing Time features vocals from Michelle Challice, who adds a sort of delicate anticipation to the lyrics with her soft voice. The song is instrumentally diverse, with the initial verse having a nostalgic drum beat. This soon gives way to a perky and mischievous electric guitar. The pre-chorus is an exciting jive between the vocalist and the electric strings, eventually leading to a striking solo for the chorus. Additionally, the skyward strums towards the end are also a particularly jazzy bit. 

Stephen James Orr ingrains a neo-soul, funk influence into the fiber of the song. He shows proper talent in the production. As a result, I’m not surprised to find out he is a man of many instruments. The lyrics recount an arduous but exciting journey to self-assuredness, and the guitar simply just enlivens the groove of the track. This is my first introduction to Stephen James Orr, and I’m utterly delighted with what I’ve found. The Toronto-based musician shows great promise, and is always supporting the local musicians and community. He hints at an album that is in the works and should be out next year, and he has me looking forward.

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