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Strawberry Fields EP
Strawberry Fields EP

Rī Wolf – Strawberry Fields EP | Soulful

Rī Wolf is a singer-songwriter and composer from South Texas, known for his releases “Better Someday”, “Red Light” and “Slide”. In his debut EP titled “Strawberry Fields”, the acoustic indie-pop artist released six tracks that have a fresh country sound, incorporating elements from several genres that will keep you intrigued and wanting to hear more. As Wolf mentions, the 22-minute album is rich with Soul and Storytelling, and I think it has the potential to reach a broad audience because it is so diverse in its sound.

EP Tracklist


The opening track to “Strawberry Fields” is a romantic song called Slide. Wolf previously released this track as a single, so fans had already gotten a taste of the raw country/folk-reminiscent sound the album has. It features a beautifully played, sweet-sounding acoustic guitar along with a soft kick drum and snaps that form the beat; not too cluttered and gives a lot of space to his melodious voice. It is so impressive how Wolf sings these high notes with such a perfect tone, effortlessly! Additionally, the mellow guitar fillers improve the overall flow of the track by tying all the different elements together.

“and if this is my only night with you, will you remember me like I remember you”

Strawberry Fields

On track number two, Wolf combines modern electronic beats over a folk-like chord progression. The song has a wide soundstage with natural harmonies, a cajon beat fused with an interesting hi-hat pattern, and a beautifully recorded acoustic guitar. It’s more energetic than the previous song, in that it has a lot of infectious rhythms, absorbing melodies and lyrics that won’t leave your head anytime soon! – “Tell me firefly, does it taste like strawberries..”.


The song is filled with nostalgia, hope, and a lot of love. Over a 6/8 drum beat, with a bit of swing, Kristen consists of a warm electric guitar and heartwarming vocals. Wolf, on this track, is assuring his loved one that he will be back home to her soon – “next time you’re lonely, just put on this song, it won’t feel like I’m gone, no need to be restless or shed any tears, cause my love is right here”. Additionally, a smooth electric guitar lead connects the passages wonderfully. It was quite nice to hear Wolf at the start of the song sing, “Kristen, I’m coming home,” and end it with “Kristen, I’m finally home.”; there are many nuances to Wolf’s composition that show how intricate his process is to writing these incredible songs.


A folk groove and banjo set the rhythm for track number four, Sinner, with the opening line, “take me down to the river, and I’ll get my spirit cleaned”. Rī Wolf sings about his sinful past and his desire to be saved through a place that can cleanse his stained soul. Wolf appears to learn something about himself on his introspective journey and is keen on acting upon it. There is a hint of aggression in his voice mingled with the frustration he channels into his words.

You Won’t Stop The Rain

This marvelous composition begins with a gracefully processed electric guitar and an acoustic drum beat. Soaked in a bit of reverb, Wolf’s vocals sound absolutely amazing over the hopeful and melancholic chords. “Now he’s a loaded gun, you gotta get away, cause a flood will come along with the pain.” –I think he’s singing about how nothing can prevent life’s pains from showing through and how we must deal with them. This song has a lot of emotion, owing to its moving melodies, tuneful guitar leads, and Wolf’s strong vocals, making it a very pleasurable listen.

Texas Rose – Acoustic

A four-chord progression starts off the last song of the Strawberry Fields EP, but what makes it unique is a groovy strum pattern. With only an acoustic guitar and a cajon to accompany his voice, Wolf’s raw vocals can be best appreciated on this track. I really like how the pre-chorus is a bit tension-filled because of the change in the chordal structure, before releasing into the song’s hook line: “Will you be my Texas Rose?”.Texas Rose shows us what a great composer Rī Wolf is.


Rī Wolf’s six-track debut EP, “Strawberry Fields” showcases a blend of several genres, including pop, bluegrass, country, Americana, and even some electronic music. Each song in Wolf’s EP is a reflection of his life over the past 8-10 years, and that is evident in the heartfelt lyrics of each song. Wolf has written songs that seem to express many emotions, from love to introspection to an emotional journey of life, and I am confident the listeners will be pleased with these excellent tracks. Eager to hear what the singer-songwriter has in store for his fans in the future!

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