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Electric High - Rough Diamond
Electric High - Rough Diamond

Electric High – Rough Diamond | Self-assured

Electric High from the band Electric High is an electrifying dynamite of Rock n’ Roll with wild instrumentation and smokey, gravel-y vocals. The vocal performance on this high-voltage Rock number is a combination of the band’s four members. Based out of Bergen, Norway, the band includes legends like Aerosmith, Black Sabbath, and Wolfmother as their influences. No wonder their sound is so uninhibited and bold.

Rough Diamond is powered by its pulsating drum and electric guitar duo, and the melodic pre-chorus and chorus. With an unmatched feel-good factor, it is exactly the kind of song that get’s you singing in front of the mirror with your best friends. Furthermore, the members of the band contribute with powerful performances which do not hold back.

The chorus goes, “I’m gonna be a rough diamond/ because diamonds don’t rust in the rain.” Hence, it is easy to relate and groove to, especially because of the fast beat, and engaging instrumental bits. And for the purists, the song is an absolute growling treat as it nears the finish. It is safe to say that Electric High unabashedly rocks. Furthermore, the band is aware that their nostalgia-invoking sound cannot be overdone. Lead vocals for Electric High are Olav Iversen and Marius Mørch, with Einride Torvik on the guitars, and Tor Bjarne Bjelland on the bass and drums. Unapologetically rooted in the genre’s origins, Electric High is a unique cultural representation of our times.

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