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nasmore – When Will I Learn
nasmore – When Will I Learn

nasmore – When Will I Learn | Regret Never Sounded So Rockin’

When Will I learn is a broody rock single from nasmore, a Canadian music producer, songwriter, and composer. The song also features Cris Hodges on the vocals and Neil Taylor on the guitar solo. The pure rock sounds combine with the breathy enunciation of dark, introspective lyrics for a familiar feeling.

The song reminded me of Avenged Sevenfold, and I mean that utterly as a compliment. Pop has been invading the rock space in the last two decades, but When Will I Learn has the purity of 2000’s rock with its uninhibited drum beats and unapologetic guitar solo. Further, there is an honest expression of the genre of Rock that the song captures really well. It isn’t afraid to take the listener on a journey of regret, mistakes made, and the following loss.

The mastermind behind the beats, nasmore has been experimenting with auditory experience since a tender age. He’s influenced by various artists and genres, and he finds himself trying everything that seems interesting. Collaborating with other artists is a part of his creative process and has now become a signature style. And I firmly believe it is this sonic back and forths with other talented individuals that make every track of his such a success.

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