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Danny Darlington - Parma Violets
Danny Darlington - Parma Violets

Danny Darlington – Parma Violets

Parma Violets by Danny Darlington is a rock number with that dream-pop vibe that we love so much about British indie rock! Further, It is only the artist’s second solo single. However, the musician’s experience in the indie music scene gives it the flair that many lack when starting out. 

So yes, Danny Darlington is no newcomer. But his solo career has been borne after the end of his last band, Clean Shoes. The Manchester-based musician admits to drawing inspiration from SPINN, Wolf Alice, and The Vaccines for his unique sound. It results in this catchy, dreamy, almost soft rock energy in his music, where he delves into the themes of love, loss, and overindulging.

The record is a sonic experience; it is super enthusiastic and peppy in the beginning, opening with an electric guitar riff. Then it transforms into a rock-opera-type dream-pop number on the bridge. <any instruments combine for that grand, larger-than-life experience. And yet, it ends so gently that it feels like the singer decided to put the listener to bed.

Danny Darlington’s Parma Violets is also lyrically very impressive, where the namesake candy is a theme. It starts out with the singer talking about a sugar rush from the candy that makes him want to be her crush. By the second verse, it becomes a metaphor for his saccharine-sweet lover!

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