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Of Shadows And Lights - The End Of A Nightmare [Single]
Of Shadows And Lights - The End Of A Nightmare [Single]

Of Shadows And Lights – The End Of A Nightmare

The End of a Nightmare is a classic rock hymn from indie-rock artist Of Shadows and Lights. The song delves into topics such as the meaning of hell, what people’s dreams are, and other moral difficulties.

Angelo Pitone is an Italian singer-songwriter and producer who goes by the stage name “Of Shadows and Lights.” He utilizes his music to discuss how evil and beauty coexist within humans. The End of a Nightmare, his song, is similarly in tune with the theme.

The song starts off with a bang, with a drumbeat that sets the tone. Throughout the song there are beautiful electric guitar riffs, particularly during the bridge solo. The song’s foundation remains solid throughout, and the production complements the song’s themes and motifs.

The protagonist is troubled by his thoughts, and moans about his lack of sleep. He admits that he needs help and rest because he is losing himself, and he is afraid of society’s judgment while he fights with an internal conflict. He wonders if the end of his life is the conclusion of a nightmare. He’s tormented with regret, guilt, and doubts about his own and others’ worth.

The End of a Nightmare is a study of the psyche and the fears that keep it from reaching its full potential. The lyrics and sound work together to prepare the listener for the self-exploration that Of Shadows and Lights is encouraging with the song.

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