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Chel Hill – Spend A Little Time
Chel Hill – Spend A Little Time

Chel Hill – Spend A Little Time | Longing for Love

Spend A Little Time is a Valentine’s Day present to the love birds with broken hearts. It comes from American musical duo Jack & Hill, featuring vocals from singer Chel Hill. The track is a soft-rock ballad that recounts the turmoil of longing to spend some time with a lover that’s now too far away.

Chel Hill grew up in Las Vegas, and headed to New York to hone her singing and songwriting skills. She ended up in LA, and now is one half of the musical duo Jack & Hill. Further, Chell Hill has a long-standing history of being featured on acclaimed numbers. And this time she’s got some impressive collaborators for Spend A Little Time.

The song is composed of clean vocals on a 90’s feeling production, adorned with stunning guitar riffs. It is a familiar sound with a new twist. Moreover, it retains a simplicity in its expression and emotion, making the listeners reminisce about a moment they’ve definitely experienced before. It’s an ode to a lover separated due to distance. And while the singer knows they’ll meet on Wednesday, it doesn’t help with the loneliness she is trapped in right now. The masterful use of instrumentals around the chorus creates the feeling that you are in a music video.

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