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Fat Cat Affair-I Wonder (ft. Costie Payne)
Fat Cat Affair-I Wonder (ft. Costie Payne)
Fat Cat Affair-I Wonder (ft. Costie Payne)

Fat Cat Affair-I Wonder (ft. Costie Payne) | Groove master

Fat Cat Affair always has a way to our hearts. Why, being an animal blessed with musical talents beyond our wildest imagination! With funky, melodic grooves and meaningful lyrics, we wonder if humans will ever reach this greatness. This time, Fat Cat solidifies his place as the cornerstone of indie compositions with his latest single. This one is called I Wonder, featuring Costie Payne.

Just the opening groove should make you weak in your knees. With the overwhelming amount of airplay pop gets, sometimes a single string rhythm can make you dance your worries away. That is what this song does. The lyrics are coloured in slight regret and wonderment. The contrast is a joyful George Michaels’ kind of tone. With the type of composition that Fat Cat Affair creates a space in the middle, thinking which side of the fence he is on. It is a great song for not only the style of relatable lyrics, but the way he executes ridiculous rhythms and grooves one after the other. Listening to this artist is truly like getting an unlimited pass to the carnival, and each song is a ride you want to repeat time and again. Fresh, well-composed and melodically ironclad, there is not a dull moment throughout the songs. 

This enigma that Fat Cat missed, is well documented with a lot of feel in this song. You then wonder, the amount of depth and detail in his other songs. Eyes Full of Tears and Up at Dawn showcase his musical talent and arrangement virtuoso. You can listen to his single here and follow him for feline fantasia like never heard before:

Also check out his fun website: https://www.fatcataffair.com/

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