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Fond of Rudy-How Do I Do Delete You?
Fond of Rudy-How Do I Do Delete You?
Fond of Rudy-How Do I Do Delete You?

Fond of Rudy try to wash away a memory with the catchy “How Do I Delete You?”

Fond Of Rudy bring some of the most exciting pop rock you could hear in the scene active today. The moments are in their melodies, and each of them weaves a story you would have been a part of at some point. At least that’s how they make it sound and feel. The 4 piece from London/Brighton are making and taking the shape of something creative and fresh. This is their latest single, How Do I Delete You?

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Yes, massive Eternal Sunshine… vibes. This song is designed that way, trying to escape from memories that might hurt. The percussions become one of the melodic elements, scarce and sparse yet pointed. When the chorus falls in, you feel one with the members of the band-the lead melody ringing through you. Electronic soundscapes engulf you in the verse section, with spaces filled by ambient magic. It has the explosive wait of their single Say Something as well. Fond Of Rudy are always keeping it exciting, while drawing from some of the largest music groups that were in the 80s and 90s. However, they make sure standards for production and execution are top class, an edge away from several other bands in their league. 

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Fond Of Rudy found their biggest hit in Lucky. Their songs have the fresh resonance away from mainstream pop that might be plaguing your playlists after a while. This band will keep their game fresh because of their constant innovation, and you will remain addicted. Listen to their catchy new single and follow them for more singles like this!:

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