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Mark Remmington - Put My Bones Into The Ground
Mark Remmington - Put My Bones Into The Ground

Mark Remmington – Put My Bones Into The Ground | Melodious

Mark Remmington has been categorised as melodic, raw, imperfect in the most appropriate fashion. Additionally, it is said that we don’t know if it’s rock, pop, folk or prog, but we like it, as quoted by Artist Core 2021. His music consists of a beautiful blend of classical, folk, and progressive elements. The atmosphere is light and ethereal. It’s a little difficult to place Mark Remmington, but it’s easy enough to say that his music is beautiful.

Put My Bones Into The Ground reminds me of Mutemath with his chordal progressions and melodious vocals. The piano stands out as a guiding instrument, while the drums keep the rhythm flowing. However, the synth pads and bass really come alive to give the track its divine features. Mark Remmington creates a magnificent soundscape with his choice of instrumentation and voicings, that you’re not quite able to put your finger on, but in the most interesting way possible. The backing vocals and background voicings give me a very Pink Floyd vibe. It’s almost as if the track was inspired by Dark Side Of The Moon, although, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was.

I find Put My Bones Into The Ground to be a track that really moves the listener, emotionally and physically with its smooth groove. It has this ability to transcend the sound sphere and become more spatial. I would definitely recommend this track to any fans of progressive music, in general.

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