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Savoy Ellis – Don't Break My Heart/The One (Sped Up)
Savoy Ellis – Don't Break My Heart/The One (Sped Up)

Savoy Ellis – Don’t Break My Heart/The One (Sped Up) | Ethereal Soul

LA producer Savoy Ellis brings a refreshing touch of soul and R&B to today’s overproduced music scene with his latest single Don’t Break My Heart/The One. This is a Sped Up version of the song from his 2021 record “The Love Album”. Savoy’s mom was a pianist, while his father was a recording artist and later a music executive.

Drawing from his solid foundation in jazz, gospel, and music production, Savoy crafts a dreamy and ethereal sound with the perfect blend of retro bass and organic synths, which sound analog. The song begins with a great note, setting the mood with some sweet R&B jazz chord changes. However, it is the processed high-pitched vocals by the anonymous vocalist that sound nothing short of magical and mystical in this arrangement. The song feels like a dream with its stunning synths, arrangement, chord changes, and amazingly produced vocals by Savoy.

What sets this R&B song apart is the magical recipe under the hood. The chord progression and the right amount of variation and extensions give the song a unique and mystical feel, which transports the listener to another world. Savoy Ellis has managed to add the much-needed human touch to the music, which can often feel cold and mechanical.

Savoy Ellis’s latest single is a masterpiece that showcases his songwriting, composition, and production skills. He has managed to blend his diverse musical influences into a sound that is uniquely his own, and it’s one that music lovers won’t want to miss. If you’re a fan of soul and R&B, you owe it to yourself to check out this talented musician.

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