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samantha gibb - tongue-tied
samantha gibb - tongue-tied

Breaking Free with Samantha Gibb: ‘Tongue-Tied’ Inspires Love and Liberation

Samantha Gibb’s journey from Miami Beach, Florida, to Nashville, Tennessee, has been shaped by her incredible musical history. Her musical upbringing was influenced by her father, the great Maurice Gibb of the Bee Gees. Samantha was inspired by her father’s talent and knew she aspired to be a great musician and songwriter. Samantha formed M.E.G. Records/M.E.G. Productions in 2004 following Maurice’s death. The initials “M.E.G.” honor her father, Maurice Ernest Gibb. Samantha and Lazaro collaborate to create captivating music not just for themselves but also for other artists. If you like the Bee Gees or just like good music, you should check out Samantha Gibb. She is a gifted artist with a promising future.

Samantha Gibb has released a new single,” Tongue-Tied.” This uplifting song begins with an enticing mix of tantalizing synths and addictive beats.  The real magic begins when Samantha’s commanding vocals make their spectacular entry, just like an eruption of stardust filling the night sky. The song is groovy, dreamy, and melodious.

The music surges dramatically when the clock strikes one minute, taking you away in an elation of delight. “Tongue-Tied” conveys an important message, inviting listeners to set aside the world’s judgments and opinions. It is a call to embrace love without any terms and conditions. Samantha’s infectious energy had me tapping my feet and swaying to the music from the first note.

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Samantha Gibb clearly put her heart into this performance. The pop ballad emphasizes the sheer thrill of breaking free from societal limitations, living life on your own terms, and loving whomever your heart wishes. The song captures the joyful feeling of how you feel when you break free from the world’s opinions and “just enjoy the ride.”

We recently had an opportunity to have a chat with Samantha Gibb about her new single and much more. Keep reading!

1.    Hey Samantha. A hearty congratulations on the release of “Tongue-Tied.” Honestly, I was smiling through and through while I was listening to it. Such a great summer vibe! I particularly loved the message the song conveys. Was it always part of your plan to release the song during Pride Month? 

A: Absolutely! During the time we were writing it, it was very prominent in the media about the banning of transgender performances especially here in TN and we gravitated to write about it. We thought to ourselves it’d be great to release for Pride month and as fortune would have it, 6 weeks after completion of the track which is how far out you want to plan for your release, happened to coincide with Pride month. It was meant to be.

2.    The music in “Tongue Tied” is very vibrant, with its electronic pop vibe. How did you go about composing the music for this song? Were there any specific influences or ideas you integrated that you’d like to talk about? 

A: What we thought was really fun to do was the call and responses peppered in through out the track. The “Heys and the Yeahs”. Those are always fun to do and add tons of energy along with atmosphere to your song.

3.    “Tongue Tied” delivers a powerful message about embracing the actual essence of love and ignoring societal criticisms. Can you share any personal experiences or influences that contributed to the writing process if you are comfortable?

A: The banning of transgender performances affected my closest friends, family members and community.  Being able to write and express my feelings and thoughts about the subject through music is the least I can do to show my support.

4.    As an artist with a rich musical history, how do you strike a balance between honoring your family’s legacy while experimenting and pushing the boundaries of your personal expression?

A: You can’t reach legacy status without pushing boundaries. That’s what my family always did. That’s what I’ll always continue to do.

5.    Are there any exciting projects or collaborations on the horizon?

A: The writing world is our oyster. My writing and music partner Lazaro Rodriguez and I have really submerged and keep submerging ourselves with amazing talented writers who all have their own unique way of telling a story or coming up with a melody. It’s fascinating to be a part of the process and we plan to continue to have fun doing it.

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Enjoy listening to “Tongue-Tied” by Samantha Gibb here.

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