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Taavi Daft-Enlightening
Taavi Daft-Enlightening
Taavi Daft-Enlightening

Taavi Daft creates soulful serenity with his latest release, “Enlightening”

Taavi Daft doesn’t just make music. He channels it. As a composer, he has found that medium between the limits and boundless, where the human ears and mind lie. With his ambient soundscapes, the kind of depth you can reach might not be with any genre of the kind. His latest double A side pushes the envelope again, as he crafts it meticulously, second by second. This is his latest release, Enlightening.

 In making an immersive double A side like Enlightening, what is your process of composition?

When composing, I primarily do not think about the outcome, a finished production. I embark on a journey of thoughts and emotions, allowing myself to be inspired. I attempt to transform my state of mind and thoughts into chords and sounds. When listening to the two tracks “Coalescence” and “Surrender,” I knew that both expressed a feeling of comfort and closeness for me. From my perspective, it is a central theme in a time when we, as humans, should stand together more than ever and progress together.

Taaavi Daft and a course of action

Comprised of two singles, it opens with Surrender. This isn’t the forceful surrender, mind you. This is where you let your senses go. The oceanic flows meander ever so gently. Taavi Daft ensures there is a string to hold while a second is offered. The ambience pulsates, creates new boundaries while dissolving the old. Cinematic appeal is strong-creating pockets for some very powerful imagery. Taavi wastes no time in showing and slowing this passage of time. The lower registers meet with the higher ones in a seamless cloud. Journeys seem to go by instantly, while memories float as reveries.

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For a genre that is non-lyrical-have you changed something about your process after the pandemic?

I believe the pandemic has, like surely many other people, brought about more reflection on my own actions and behavior. It allowed me to get to know myself better, and this is also reflected in my music. However, my basic approach to composing has more or less remained the same.

In the second single Coalescence, Taavi Daft tries to bind this untethered consciousness we explored. It is more singular, while the bass notes follow a familiar pattern to hook to. Synth waves turn to sine waves-while simple leads deviate from the ship to be the buoy you can focus on. The elements are so crisp, with even the flooding sound of the singular chord, you can hear everything else. If you’re wearing headphones, you’re transported elsewhere. 

Symphonic reveries

For a song like Coalescence, how does layering impact the outcome of the melodies heard?

It gives me the opportunity to make subtle changes in the sound. Creating nuances and depths that are not consciously perceived.

What do you think is the most addictive element of your track Wind Chimes? Something that made it so popular?

I personally love the enchanting sound of a real wind chime belonging to my neighbor, which I have incorporated as a sample. These sounds are incredibly soothing and lively at the same time.

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The lower register of Soothing Soul contrasts the highs of Open Up. How do you decide this?

Each of my tracks is always influenced by my state of mind. “Soothing Soul” was created after a hike in the mountains. The misty atmosphere in the mountainous surroundings conveyed an incredible sense of peace and contentment. I tried to express that feeling in “Soothing Soul.”Open Up” embodies a sense of departure and liberation for me. After a period of restraint and withdrawal, it is necessary to open up again and step into life. The high tones represent the light emerging on the horizon.

Taavi Daft can be explored in his singles like Wind Chimes, Open Up and Soothing Soul. Immerse yourself in some aural cocoons that heal as much as encourage you to think. There will rarely be composers like this to find. Go ahead, listen to his single here and collection as well:

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