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Avigayil – Fading Away | Cyan Dejection

18-year-old Israeli indie singer-songwriter Avigayil depicts great wisdom in her latest ballad Fading Away. She has been writing songs since the age of 7. In her previous releases, Avigayil’s lyrical themes deal with friendship, family, and usually themes other than romantic love. For instance, her song What Comes Now is a deep reflection on the state of the world from an adolescent perspective. In Fading Away, we see Avigayil’s lyrical themes deal with the abrupt end of a deep friendship.

The song opens with Avigayil’s raw vocals and a sparse arrangement with some light vocal harmonies. As the arrangement keeps up with the emotion in the vocals, we can truly sense the turmoil. Bassist Hen Ben Arye and drummer Asaf Zamir perform judiciously as per the requirements of the song. The song has some really heartfelt lyrics such as the imagery used in the line “stained by your face“. The abrupt-sounding conclusion of the song mirrors the way the friendship has ended. Good tight songwriting.

The track is co-written and produced by Adi Felsen who also handles guitar and piano duties. Felsen brings her skills on board to create a formidable production. Fading Away is an absorbing indie-folk song whose infectious chorus you will keep singing while reminiscing about things that have passed on.

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