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ainsley constello - someone's someone
ainsley constello - someone's someone

Ainsley Constello – Someone’s Someone | Timeless Wisdom

Someone’s Someone by Ainsley Constello is the artist’s newest single in 2022. Constello has been a musical performer and artist since she was a child. At 13 years, the artist performed live around the Pacific Northwest and is the youngest endorsee of the Breedlove Guitars. The artist livens her art with pumping energy and delivers her message with inspiring boldness.

With a rippling melodies, electric guitar accentuation and upbeat percussive tempo, the song showcases an unpopular opinion using gentle rhythms and catchy melodies. The artist employs a conversational style with personalized lyrics to make her message relatable. In a world where the culture of an individual’s identity revolving around their special someone is exclusively patronized, this song’s message becomes more relevant than ever.

While the first verse is a slow narration of the protagonist’s past love, the chorus is delivered with a gusto of wisdom, with a fun tempo that makes the message light-hearted. The confident vocals carries the resolve of having discovered an immutable truth. The impassioned vocals advocating for self-identity and autonomy is reminiscent of Taylor Swift.

The artist uses beautiful guitar melodies and drum beats, seasoned with stick clicks and vocal harmonies to supplement her powerful message. The guitar work at the bridge is a delightful addition to the musical experience of the song. “There’s more to life than being someone’s someone” is a beautiful message that rides the waves of catchy country-pop tunes and stays with the listener.

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