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S J Denney – Shadows in the Night
S J Denney – Shadows in the Night
S J Denney – Shadows in the Night

S J Denney – Shadows in the Night | Latin Fire

S J Denney is an Essex, UK based singer-songwriter who creates emotional music blending folk and indie alternative music. Denney draws inspiration from some of the greatest musicians of all time, including The Beatles, Neil Young, Robert Plant, and Jeff Buckley. His single and EP releases over the years have shown his sheer versatility in terms of songwriting and genres.

S J Denney’s latest single is “Shadows in the Night,” which boasts a unique Latin folk ballad style. The song features virtuosic Latin classical guitar playing with percussion and Denney’s twangy and powerful vocals that evoke the wild west and Mexican folk music.

The song’s cover art is just as captivating as the music itself. It features wooden swing doors opening to the image of two cowboys facing each other in a duel. The scene is set in what seems like a desert of the American wild west, while a lady is standing on the horizon. The artwork itself paints a vivid picture as the flamenco classical style Latin guitars take center stage.

Denney’s music is a perfect blend of folk, alternative, and Latin classical music, showing his ability to create unique and diverse sounds. His influences can clearly be heard in his music, but he manages to fuse them together to create something truly special. “Shadows in the Night” showcases his extraordinary musical talents, and is a testament to his versatility as an artist. Fans of folk, alternative, and Latin music should definitely check out S J Denney with his latest song.

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