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Lucas Burn-Nightmare
Lucas Burn-Nightmare
Lucas Burn-Nightmare

Lucas Burn-Nightmare | Recollect

Lucas Burn has a unique mind, in turn a unique approach to hip-hop. With a cinematic plot line to his tracks and straying from the colloquial choice of words, he renders quite the image in the mind. His latest single is a milestone in his narration style and thematic escapades. This is Nightmare.

Conjuring an image worth a thousand words has been Lucas Burn’s speciality. With this track, we get a harrowing array of sounds that create the desired palette for a nightmare. The audio is essentially a soundboard for his verses, all whittled down to muscle without fat. There are aspects of the song that make his inner flow be recognized, whether from the minimal strings that are background fodder. The lines are delivered with a frustration and truth of something that has had a massive impact on him.

Going on a hot streak since his single Soul Search, Lucas Burn has been on a war path since his 2019 single, Breathe. The tonality is original, so is the delivery-a raconteurs way of approaching the nuances of hip-hop. With Sorrow and Dark Path, he cemented another legacy as an indie bomb, guaranteed to fire up playlists with his unique delivery. He just got started and with the fire he has, he has a lot to offer. Listen to his single here:

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