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Wágner-I Ran
Wágner-I Ran
Wágner-I Ran

Wágner shows you synthwave love with a rock version cover of “I Ran”

Wágner can teach you how to fall in love with rock again. His music is a reminder of what has gone past, and what is there to come. He bridges them both with his excellent technique, unique style and well crafted melodies. He looks back on a popular track by Flock of Seagulls with this cover. This is his energetic, spirited take on I Ran. 

This is a song that dominated late night radio. Wágner creates synth pockets to revel in before entering into the song. Vocal melodies are reminiscent of his own style, while the chugging muted guitar keeps the rhythm in the background. The visuals become much stronger with his rock version, the punch is more effective. People have really loved listening to this version, it is already the most streamed track he has released.

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While paying homage to a band that has had a massive impact on fusing pop & rock- Wágner  puts his own rock effect and with great flavour. The solo sounds like the fitting tribute to a memorable song like this, and he has made sure the tones are just right. This is a song that people remember, and will want to remember because of the massive impact it has. 

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His love for the New Wave movement is still visible in his approach. Three decades later, he revisits the music that made him fall in love with music and the methods. You can even visit his 1986 EP A Way of Life to hear some great covers as well. Listen to his fun and energising single here with us:

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