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Giorgia Fumanti’s Latest Track ‘Over the Rainbow’ is a soulful retreat
Giorgia Fumanti’s Latest Track ‘Over the Rainbow’ is a soulful retreat

Giorgia Fumanti’s Latest Track ‘Over the Rainbow’ is a soulful retreat

Giorgia Fumanti is an opera vocalist, based in Montreal, Canada, but hails from Italy. She is known for her unique and melodious soprano and velvety soft voice, which adds magic to every song Fumanti sings.

Her latest release is a peaceful, heart-touching song called ‘Over the Rainbow’. An extremely ethereal number, this song is for those who are looking for hope and consolation, or that silver lining that doesn’t become visible so easily. A song about high hopes and enthusiastic spirits, ‘Over the Rainbow’ is a track that will make you think and reflect on life and all its beauty that we choose to ignore.

Packed in with beautiful music, the words have an everlasting impact on the listeners because they are poignant and yet so inspirational.

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Even though the lyrics of the track are superb, let’s throw some light on the irresistible vocals of Fumanti that add an added layer of goodness to the track. The words of this song are so effective and touching because of the luscious vocalization. Adorned with beautiful opera touches, the song becomes rather enjoyable because of Giorgia’s breathtaking vocals and ultra-luscious voice. You wouldn’t want to not listen to this song on a loop because it almost has a therapeutic effect on you, if you really listen to it well, and delve into everything that it has to offer. 

With amazing opera vocals, great tunes, fine melodies, and heart-touching lyrics, this song is something you shouldn’t miss out on!

Listen to the song right here:

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