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intergalactic c - deep house brazil
intergalactic c - deep house brazil

Musical Ecstasy: Get Ready to Experience Dancefloor Magic of ‘Deep House Brazil’ by Intergalactic C

Introducing the amazing talent- Intergalactic C, a professional musician whose incredible melodies will keep you grooving all day and relaxing all night. Intergalactic C enchants your ears with his distinctive musical approach. While he remains a bit of a mystery online, his music speaks volumes about his brilliance and ingenuity.

Intergalactic C has released his new album, “Deep House Brazil.” The opening track, “Mad Saturday,” gets things going with a bang and perfectly captures the joyous and vibrant energy of a Saturday. A tempting female voice adds a distinctive touch to the energetic beats that set the scene. The beats continue to enhance, and as the calming synth joins in, the hypnotic vibes soar to new heights. When you think it can’t get any better, a surprise addition of melodic guitar work toward the end elevates the experience to a new level.

“To You” is all about high energy and happy vibes, with deeper basslines. The infectious joy pervades the air, accentuated by the amazing synth work that goes off forth from the start, instantly uplifting your spirits. There is no denying the elation!  The once-subtle background synth takes center stage as the song proceeds, enhancing the magical atmosphere, complemented by charming snippets of both male and female vocals. It’s a magical and relaxing experience that will leave you feeling uplifted and in a state of bliss.

“Through The Jazzy Clouds” is a mind-bending adventure. It takes on a euphoric ride. The seductive fascination of sensual female vocals is simply intoxicating, bringing you deeper into its hypnotic embrace. The addictive combination of claps and rhythms keeps the pace swift and creates an irresistible groove. My jaw dropped when the saxophone section came into play! The sensuous saxophone part smoothly enters the scene, giving a touch of jazz-infused perfection. “Through The Jazzy Clouds” is certainly one of the album’s standout tracks.

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“One Night in Kuba” by Intergalactic C has a melancholy tone, with the bassline taking the lead. The gentle presence of female vocals sprinkled throughout the song contributes to the introspective mood, enhancing its profundity of emotion. The outstanding key work creates a vivid musical narrative. It takes you on a journey beyond the ordinary.

“Brazilian Party Pepper” is all you need to light up the dance floor. The track wastes no time, launching into crisp beats right from the start, setting the pace and mood. The keys keep the melodic essence, producing a beautiful contrast between rhythm and melody. When the guitar entered, it created magic, but I was not expecting the beat drop right after that. It is going to delight you. There are so many surprising elements throughout the song. And then, when you least expect it, the saxophone section shows up, accompanied by yet another catchy beat drop.

“I Am Free” is a fun and peppy tune that will get you moving. With its carefree rhythm, trippy synth work, and playful sound effects, it takes you on a whimsical journey.  The jazzy elements remind you of the retro era, while the comforting keys act as an idyllic backdrop. All of these elements are not supposed to work together smoothly, but they do! Kudos to Intergalactic C!  The saxophone part gets even better as the song picks up. Meanwhile, a celebratory and sensuous female voice joins the mix, singing the liberating words “I Am Free!”

“Picobello,” with its throbbing beats, is your perfect rave anthem. It has some amazing crisp beats and a deep bassline that sets the stage for an unforgettable party experience. I could not resist closing my eyes and surrendering to the infectious rhythm. My favorite part of the song is at the 2:18 mark, where the beautiful keys work that transforms the mood from trippy to happy. Picobello” is a high-energy journey to remember.

“Day Dreamer” is the fitting finale of the album. The song takes you through an array of emotions, from hypnotic and happy ambiance to introspective reflections. The complexity of the musical arrangement shines through, with powerful voices, contemplative synth work, and compelling beats. As the song progresses, it also incorporates a meditative touch with the addition of male vocals, enhancing its introspective mood. “Day Dreamer” is a perfect conclusion to an album that has taken you on an unforgettable adventure. 

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Enjoy listening g to “Deep House Brazil” by Intergalactic C here.

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