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Dan Webb-Sunshine/Dialogue
Dan Webb-Sunshine/Dialogue
Dan Webb-Sunshine/Dialogue

Dan Webb displays electronic euphoria with his album, “Sunshine/Dialogue”

Dan Webb is a clairvoyant storyteller. His medium is music, and melodies display the complexity of his work. As an artist, he has constantly tried to push the boundaries of what these mediums can do and incite in a listener. His latest album is a boiling pot of all this, epiphanies and realisations concocted with meditations. You’ll feel the tingling sensation of earworms making their way to your brain. This is his latest album, Sunshine/Dialogue. 

My any measure, just the opening track should give you an interesting gauge on the kind of experience you’ll have. Groove heavy, there is an amalgam of funk and rock in the opening track-Drifter. The easygoing nature of the protagonist is held within that music sheet, if there is any. It tends to sound like Moby, but with more attention to detail. The piano leads are the playful, mischievous pockets of sounds to traverse. 

Dan Webb weaves something extraordinary

With Greg Saunier, Dan Webb fuses a narrative with a solid beat. A Good Song is a transgression, transcribed with music. You’re more focused on the bass line, the spotlight spinning between what is being said vs what is being heard. It is an interesting segue, something worth thinking about. The serenading sounds of Europa take you away after. The lead melody remains the same, as a background, while the actual background is dynamic with movement. As the strings keep flowing, it creates this incredible tectonic shift as the melodies talk to you as two protagonists.

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Sungenre is an aural experience unlike anything else on this album. As it shifts spatially, you must close your eyes to the world that gets fabricated. An avant-garde electro-rock swinger, you feel like you’re in a sci-fi rave within a John Wick franchise film. Florence Street is a liminal space that keeps you wondering. Without an actual description to go by, it sounds like a sequitur of a prompt we’ll never know about. Dan Webb knows he has to draw the audience in for arrangements that keep them scratching their heads-along with provide a state of trance. 

Phase through styles

Sunshine opens with some “When the Levee Breaks” kind of drum echoes, as it becomes a splatter of sound palettes. You can still tune into the guitar solo, or draw out and hear the synth melodies. Dan Webb keeps silence away with Ice Kachang. It sounds like a game transition tune while holding on to a tight groove. Welcome to the simulation, I guess. Divide, Conquer and Dialogue are worth hearing as one large piece. Though the themes change between the electronic beats, they still form a picture for a creative conversation between listener and creator. By the time you hear the empirical nature of Ollie, Back To You sounds like a country track. It is interesting to see Dan Webb, making the album’s experience so cohesive while trading notes with aliens. Maybe only he can keep the music sheet tethered. 

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His debut album is sure to make waves in the avant-garde electronic music space. It is worth understanding his intention, to look at music as one large machine. With man in the middle. Listen to his album here:

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