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Mick J Clark | Born to Party | Notes Three | Disco | Singer Songwriter | Versatile
Mick J Clark | Born to Party | Notes Three | Disco | Singer Songwriter | Versatile

Mick J Clark’s versatile new single – “Born to Party” is a testament to the old school.

It’s surprising to see artists from back in the day still making music relevant to the current audience. It shows how versatile their style is and how music can permeate the concept of time. Speaking of which, Mick J Clark’s latest single – “Born to Party” talks about how regardless of age or generations, some people are just born to party! What a vibe!

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Mick J Clark is a singer songwriter from the UK. He releases his music primarily on the Sonorus Record Label with over 10,00,000 Spotify streams on his songs.  His music is hard to be defined. Its rock, but its also electronic and his singing is anthemic. A peculiar yet versatile style of music that blends all three elements to create a new genre – while also speaking on issues like “Anti-Smoking/Drugs”, mental health, positivity that have even been used in school’s educational departments! He even wrote a book recently called ‘Message from a star’.

The song starts off with an old school Goa trance bassline and some hi hats to go with it. A powerful start. Then the vocals pour in, questioning the listener if they’re ready. Whether they’re ready or not, Clark’s vocals enter the mix to just change the genre of the track. No more Goa, this feels like an 80’s disco track. I can picture afro dudes and shiny jackets in the club with a massive disco ball. Everyone doing the Disco Finger while the lights flash! The vocals are heartwarming, and talk about the greatest party ever known.

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“No we’re never growing old,

No ain’t going down that road,

Forever young, we’re having fun,”

Anthemic lyrics that motivate everyone to party – the original idea of parties – to be inclusive and fun. Somewhere along the line, parties became mating rituals and then into what it is now! A platform to flex your new gear. Mick J Clark belongs to a generation that knew how to really party, and this song is his way of giving back. To teach the young one “How to party” because their generation was “Born to Party!”. A versatile artist who can create music and teach us a lesson – absolutely lovely work by Mick J Clark!

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