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“Deadliest Thing” by Joshua Ketchmark: A slow serenade of soft lullabies

Joshua Ketchmark, the Nashville-based singer and songwriter is no stranger to writing hits. “Blood”, his tenth album, brings to the fore the single “Deadliest Thing”, a slow ballad filled with passion and beautiful vocals. Keep reading for my thoughts!

The subdued yet passionate energy of the song stands out. Ketchmark’s vocals are expressive and heartfelt, dealing with themes of introspection and vulnerability, hitting just the right chords; further enhanced by the soft guitars in the background, with this subdued energy that gradually builds throughout the track, culminating in a captivating outro that leaves a lasting impression.

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The instrumentation is well-balanced, allowing each element to have its moment in the spotlight, while firmly reminding the listener of the extraordinary vocals at play here. The mix dallies with your eardums, exposing in itself a fun ear easter egg from time to time, which keeps this an intriguing listen. Fans of soft rock and pop music will find much to appreciate in this song, as it effortlessly combines elements from both genres into a cohesive and emotionally resonant piece.

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Check out “Deadliest Thing” by Joshua Ketchmark here!

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