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Simesky + Fritch's - Back and Down Again
Simesky + Fritch's - Back and Down Again

Simesky + Fritch’s ‘Back and Down Again’ Brings a New Dimension to Alt Pop

Simesky + Fritch are a European alt pop and classical pop duo with an endless sonic horizon. They delve into the unexplored spaces of universal themes to flush their soundscapes with their findings. And with each track, the duo reinforce the boundlessness that is their musical consciousness. In their latest single, Back and Down Again, Simesky + Fritch ease us into a mosaic of neo-classicals that is progressively transformed by avant garde electronica and defining basslines. It is a haunting and hypnotic retro new-wave style and is nothing like anything you’ve ever listened to before. 

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The experience of listening to the track is majestic. Plush instrumentation is stridently detailed with shards of bass lines and wayward beats. The smoky melancholy of the vocals pass through, into the backdrop to add yet another dimension to it. Mid-song, the wailing vibrancy of an electric guitar melody forms a magnificent arc. Having composed music for orchestras, the artists empower the track with impactful theatrics to immersively convey the theme. 

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Simesky and Fritch are Will Wilkinson and Alex Simesky of Wales and Belgium. Listen Now! 

The track is available for streaming on popular sites like Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to Back and Down Again by Simesky + Fritch here – 

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