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the breakdown - open the barricades
the breakdown - open the barricades

The Breakdown – Open the Barricades

The Breakdown is a London based classic rock band, formed in 2019 from the ashes of a previous band. Open the Barricades is The Breakdown’s debut album with 11 songs with a total run time of 41 minutes. The album sports crushing guitars weaved in with synth melodies and catchy riffs.

King of the Hill begins the album with an upbeat tempo, baritone vocals and boomeranging melodies. The texture pallet of the song is broad and rough and creates a sense of absurdity and chaotic discord. High Life carries the urgency and busyness of a luxurious and wealthy lifestyle in its guitar riffs and accelerated drum beats. The song explores the dark side of living the high life. With broken hearts, broken minds, broken lives, the image behind the scenes of high life is not as glamorous.

Summer Song has a whimsical beat cycle and a warm guitar melody cycle. Reminiscent of The Smiths, the honest vocals carries a profound nostalgia. The song has a lovely beautiful emotion that surges through the transitional guitar melodies and underlying popping guitar strums.

Waving at Aeroplanes is the fourth song in the album. The track is slower with a soft edges and light tones. Molten guitar melodies gush into the song and makes charming boats out of the vocals. The delicate themes explored by the lyrics rise to the top and and enliven the melodies.

2 in the Heart continues the rock fest with its racing beats and glistening guitar rhythms. The vocals convey a resigned sadness and quiet reminiscence. The guitar work creates landscapes of sound and emotion textures. We see a beautiful bass work that floors the spectacular guitar riff bridge. The Girl in the Mondrian Dress is dedicated to adore a girl who captures the attention of the protagonist. The guitar melody swindles and drapes the vocals as he reminisces of the girl dancing to 80s songs and wonders where she is now.

ALARM! is the eighth song of the album with captivating and streaming guitar rhythm. The vocals march along the song with a definite rhythm as the guitars curve and electrify the musical canvass. Progressing quickly, the song passes by in what seems like a second. Just Friends charms the socks right off of you with its guitar rhythm and catchy beats. The guitar melody shimmers with the playful glint of a disco ball.

A Daniel Comes to Judge sports conversational lyrics slow tempo. A mellow song, the vocals are candid, organic and honest. We also see synth pulses in the bridge amidst the band’s signature rich guitar canvass.

Yesterday is the penultimate song of the album. Carrying starry melodies and shining sound trajectories, the song explores the imprisoning quality of the past. With the line, “when will I be free from yesterday”, the lyrics compares the weighted burden of the past mistakes to a noose around the neck. Like handcuffs, the past binds us and makes us unfree.

Wishing Well ends the album with a low tonal vocals, slow beat tempo and light guitar melodies. Lilting harmonies contrast the singer’s vocal baritone in the chorus. The lyrics delve into the fear of uncertainty and fantasizes about the deliverance that a wishing well can bring. Towards the end we see a magnificent guitar melody that lifts off the song with the glowing luminescence of stars.

Listen to Open the Barricades by The Breakdown here –

The Breakdown – Open the Barricades

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