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Everdeen – Fairweather Friend | Introspective Indie

Everdeen is a trio band. If you’re looking for a band that can perfectly straddle the line between dark and light, look no further than Everdeen. Hailing from Southern Germany, this trio creates an airy and powerful sound, retro and contemporary. Their music is a perfect blend of shoegaze, post-rock, and synth-pop, resulting in a sound that is both gloomy and dreamy but also upbeat and poppy. The band is made up of Ian Stahl (from San Francisco) and Sümeyra (a German-Turkish singer) who started the band in California. The band later moved to Stuttgart, Germany, where they met the city’s drummer Thommy Mross. This international trio has created a sound that is sure to appeal to music lovers all over the globe.

Every now and again, you come across a song that instantly grabs your attention. It could be the catchy beat, the relatable lyrics, or the overall emotion of the song. But when you find a song with all these elements, you know you’ve found something special. Yes, I am talking about the band’s new release, “Fairweather Friend.” The production is top-notch, the composition is perfect, and the vocals are out of this world. It’s the perfect song to get lost in and just enjoy. You feel as though you are surrounded by fireflies, their gentle light flickering around you. It’s a beautiful and mesmerizing experience that feels both tranquil and magical. Those rich synths and intense compositions keep you hooked from beginning to end. But it’s the lyrics that hit home. “Fairweather Friend” is about friends who only seem to reach out when they need something. The lyrics “My fairweather friend, “Are you ever gonna learn to read the room, It doesn’t always gotta be about you, But that’s cool, Cuz you’re my fairweather, Fairweather friend” just resonated to so many levels with me. So next time you’re feeling used and taken advantage of by a friend, crank up this tune and let it be your anthem.

Enjoy listening to Fairweather Friend here.

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