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Stfukes - No Place
Stfukes - No Place

Stfukes – No Place | Alternatively Novel

Stfukes is an Australian musician from New South Wales. Kes creates atmospheres and layers to his music which reminds me of other artists like Xxxtentacion, lil peep, and Shiloh. Kes has this uncanny ability to mess around with the atmosphere and timbre created by various instrumentation and voicings that allows him to be fluid and dynamic in his tracks.

No Place is one such track that Stfukes does a lot with. He blares the bass on the 808s which have the potential of drowning out other elements, but Kes managed to mix that in well. The bass elements that he throws in sound more baritone in comparison, but that’s what gives the track a nice balance. His tenor vocals, relaxed as ever, come in with the same feeling I had when I heard Xxxtentacion for the first time. Stfukes has a brilliant scream to his voice that adds this beautiful huskiness to the overall track. He also uses these vocal samples in the middle of the track that adds to the light percussions he throws in here and there for that extra sparkle.

What I love most about the track is the part when he builds everything up in this crescendo that leads to this angry outburst that leaves me weak. This is the kind of hip-hop that I’m here for.

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