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Tanvi Gokhale - I've Been Waiting For This Part
Tanvi Gokhale - I've Been Waiting For This Part
Tanvi Gokhale - I've Been Waiting For This Part

Tanvi Gokhale – I’ve Been Waiting For This Part

The latest single by Tanvi Gokhale, I’ve Been Waiting For This Part, is a song you will want to listen to while going to bed. Based out of Nashville, USA, she is a prolific singer-songwriter who produces music that is essentially pop but includes elements of different genres. Her influences include some of the biggest names in the music fraternity, such as Ariana Grande, Adele, Amy Winehouse, The Weeknd, and more!

Enjoy the calm that you seek!

Tanvi Gokhale’s I’ve Been Waiting For This Part is a track that gives you sheer chill vibes that’ll make you groove alongside putting you in the feels. Nothing is loud about this song, and it holds a firm groove throughout from beginning to end!

The mix of the song is soothing as the music backs the vocals flawlessly with immense clarity, yet keeping the voice right at the front of the mix. Therefore, the beautiful synth chords and lines, along with the beats, sound like a beautiful background to the stunning vocals. The song’s arrangement is fascinating, and you will surely understand the same when you listen to it.

The beautiful composition involves numerous synth elements, but the beats are immensely impressive because they hold the solid foundation for the song and add intricate buildups and stops in different moments throughout the track. On top of the tight rhythm section, the synth sounds nothing short of ethereal. The dreamy tones and the incredible arpeggiated playing add the perfect colour to the whole soundscape of the song, which undoubtedly draws your attention right at first listen. Other than that, several other musical elements keep adding different shades to the song, but the vibe stays alive throughout, which is fantastic!

So make sure that Tanvi Gokhale’s I’ve Been Waiting For This Part is on your playlist, and give this beautiful piece of music a generous listen, and you will certainly find it impressive! Listen to this song here:

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