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Koala Bar - Ingest Digest
Koala Bar - Ingest Digest
Koala Bar - Ingest Digest

Koala Bar – Ingest Digest

If rock music turns you on, then the latest album by Koala Bar, Ingest Digest, is something you must listen to. An out-and-out pure, fresh-sounding album is how one can describe Ingest Digest as! What is it that you’re looking for? Some intriguing guitar parts, bass lines that pump you up, or even beats that draw you into a song? This album has everything you seek and is a set of songs you must enjoy in complete isolation and peace.

A trip one wouldn’t wish to miss out on!

Koala Bar’s Ingest Digest starts with a beautiful track, Native Elephants. The heartwarming guitar lines and their respective tones complementing each other in this song will captivate you from the start to the end. The following Song, Non Est, somewhat creates a vibe that pulls you inside your mind, and all you can perhaps do is stare at nothingness and listen to the voice telling you about his love interest and their special moments as a narrator.

As we move on through the album, the next song we stumble upon is The Carnival. So delayed guitar tones are something that kind of catch the attention and liking of numerous people. This song almost entirely stands firm upon a delayed guitar groove that goes on throughout the track and makes us actively experience the beautiful vibes it offers. The following song, Pass De Bourree, takes a much groovier turn if you compare the songs sequentially till now. The fourth song of this album, this track boasts some super punchy drum and bass lines on top, and the vocals seem to add just the right colour that completes the song!

A head-on encounter with the mind’s rantings!

Downtown, the song that follows on in the album as per its sequence, also boasts a beautifully played pure and raw acoustic guitar tune that lays the song’s basic foundation. Complementing this beautiful tune is none other than the fresh and melodious voice that touches your heart right from the first listen. There’s something wonderful and pure about fingerstyle guitar-playing, which we hear in the sixth track of Koala Bar’s Ingest Digest, MXMM! This track stands upon a single melody brought through an amazingly played acoustic guitar and has some beautiful drum loops that set the groove right for the listener.

The following song, Same As (It Ever Was), is a track worth listening to while it rains and you’re sitting out on the balcony sipping a hot cup of coffee! The intricate and surprising fillers of the drums add the spice you may look forward to in the song. It is a track that will compel you to groove to its beats and the soul-pleasing melody that backs it up as a strong foundation, along with very creatively executed horn sections toward the end of it!

And it goes on…….!

Keep up a count like this, ‘one-a-two-a-three-a-four-a one-a-two -a-three-a-four-a’ and so on, and keep on going in a loop. Have you already started tapping your feet? If so, then yes, that’s the kind of beat you get to groove to when you listen to the next song of the album, Danger! The following track, Holidaze, boasts vibes that draw your attention right from the very first moment. The electronic drum loop is what this song stands upon, and it is indeed difficult to come out of this trip as the beats catch your attention and captivate you.

Pangaea Aea is the next song of Koala Bar’s Ingest Digest. This song sets a mood that you might be familiar with if you’re fond of music by bands like The Verve and Snow Patrol, but with a twist of jazzy elements of horn sections. The steady and catchy guitar works follow on to the next track of the album O Rei (Juvenile), and it just showcases the beauty of variance Koala Bear brings to us as a band. Keeping the vibe stagnant, Koala Bear’s Ingest Digest gives us music that is fresh yet easy to connect to.

Walking towards the end of a beautiful trip!

As we move toward the album’s end, the twelfth song, To Weigh In, sets an emotional mood with a simple yet beautifully composed chord progression. The sound of the steel strings feels soothing enough to make you want to close your eyes and lose yourself in the world this song takes you to! The final song of Ingest Digest, Daughter, brings the perfect completion to the album, and you know the best part? Even after listening to this almost big album comprising so many songs, you don’t lose the vibe till the last song. The vibe keeps on making the listener go deeper into it, thereby experiencing it entirely!

Overall, Koala Bar’s Ingest Digest is an album you cannot resist listening to once you tune it in! You will find it difficult to change or stop, especially if you love music of such kind. Listen to this album here:

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