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Pete Miller - Hard to Find | Charming Retro 
Pete Miller - Hard to Find | Charming Retro 

Pete Miller – Hard to Find | Charming Retro 

Pete Miller is a singer and songwriter known for his classic retro and contemporary-infused music that transposes his listeners to a realm of artistic bliss. 

The latest release of the artist is a song called Hard to Find, a simple charming affair that will easily lift your spirits. The song has a playful vibe, amplified with fun muffled beats, charming tunes and melodies, and vocals that add a lot of character to the whole track. The song feels special because of its retro elements. One can feel the palpable 80s effects that beautifully become the song’s intrinsic brilliance. When it comes to the lyrics, they are simple yet deeply meaningful and perfectly add to the carefree vibe of the track. Even though the sounds are rather light and enjoyable, a certain poignance in the lyrics gives the song that much-needed weight and makes it feel more impactful and worthwhile. You would love the way the song unfolds, slowly and at its own pace with so many treasures to pick along the way. I loved just how jovial this song made me feel. A special kind of charm in Miller’s vocals added to the song’s beauty in an effortless way and made it more special. It is a song you would want to listen to on a cozy day you feel like not doing anything and just enjoying life’s little treasures, like idling around and listening to good music.

You would want to listen to this track, again and again, to fully soak up the magic that it has to offer. 

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