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Brainheart - Keep Me From Falling Apart
Brainheart - Keep Me From Falling Apart

Brainheart – Keep Me From Falling Apart

Roi Zahar aka Brainheart is an independent music producer, songwriter, and DJ with a natural euphonic inclination. Having struggled with the school system, the artist turned to music for his education and emotional release. Ever since his introduction to music at 15 years old, the artist found an anchor in music that he didn’t find anywhere else. Brainheart recently released Keep Me From Falling Apart featuring Dorel, a synth-soul, pop-rock expression that is sure to surge you to lilting emotive highs.

The composition is a rising cloud of synths that rain on us with deep passion and sentiment. Fresh guitar riffs and an infectious beat structure grasp at Dorel’s vocal marvel like a glove. We see soft curves of piano and violin melodies adding their beautiful perspectives to the track.

The mastery of the track is contained in how the sea of melodies parts for the flourish of Dorel’s soulful vocals. With clusters of wondrous musical unity and rich emotive pallet, words cannot begin to describe the matchless effect that the track has on the effect. At the bridge, a molten tongue of beautiful guitar solo drives us to an emotional bliss before scattering into a spectacular vocal showcase in the outro.

Since the debut release of Explore the World, in 2019, every composition reveals the burgeoning musical curiosity of the artist. His experimental blends follow only the emotion, unbound by the restrictive contours of genres, and imprints on you irrevocably.

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