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Thats Nokay - Radical Presence
Thats Nokay - Radical Presence

Thats Nokay – Radical Presence

Thats Nokay is the musical moniker of Alexander Jones from The Keaton Collective and Last Waves. Exploring the contemporary, Alexander delves into new- age and post modern styles that are individualistic, distinctive and unique. Known for its grand visual appeal and cerebral swells, his sound evokes a distilled state of mind. The artist has just released the first full length album, Radical Presence under the banner of his solo project Thats Nokay, featuring a couple of his earlier releases like First of the Month, LivForev, New Life, and Fantasies. 

The album opens with Virgo SZN. The roaming basslines and booming beats outline the calming vapors of melodies. Lined with fuzzy riffs, disembodied vocals flush the soundscape with beguiling perspectives. Patterns is a maze of angular synths. They slice through the air, sleek and sharp. Embedded into a melancholic canvas of all-feeling synths and mellow beats, the song carries a harrowing despondency that resonates with the aching heart. 

LivForev has a muted luminescence. Sparkling lines of keys ripple through the blurry canvas. The vocal harmonies form a refreshing pool that rejuvenates and revives its counterparts, forming a magnanimous musical ecosystem. Sepulveda is a branching acoustic fantasy that blooms out of silence. Fleshed out by pensive synths, the track patronizes a meditative state of mind. Fantasies is a vibration. Formed on the tail end of boomeranging basslines, it rises into a soothing pastel kingdom. 

First of the Month appropriates dance beats and transforms it into a soul rhythm. Swishing with enchanting ethereum, the soft lines of melody and vocals shimmer like treasure, full of hope and goodness. Friendly Skies is carried on the wings of golden drops of melody. Like fireflies plotting the wilderness, they illuminate refreshing pathways in the mind. 

New Life drinks from an ominous fountain. The artist methodically weaves sci-fi sonics into swarms of echoes to form tense melody motifs. And the dispersing vocals escape the demons of the landscape, flowing away to freedom. 9S5 is a molten journey. Its muted melodies impress a vermillion daze, dazzling with the silver of fuzzy basslines. 

Sharks marks the last quarter of the album. Its cool blue synths and soul acoustics pair beautifully with the rhetoric lyricism. Contrasting the title, Solutions open with suspenseful melodies. Drenched in mystery, the soundscape is composed of dark valleys of synths. Like a can of worms, the secrets spill on the brain, multiplying and festering with the truth. 

One For Me (Protect The Heart) concludes the album, gleaming with drama. The crackling basslines and keys melodies are paired with a choir of clairvoyant vocals; leading us into the unknown, into a devouring madness. This is a conceptual album. With a fluid sonic design, the artist not only displaces reality but presents his own version to us. Each song is an elaborate presentation of its theme, intricate in its interpretation and wondrous in its realization.

The album is available on Spotify, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and Amazon Music! 

You can listen to the Radical Presence album by Thats Nokay here – 

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