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Max M - Any Other Night
Max M - Any Other Night

Max M – Any Other Night

French songwriter, and composer Max M has set out to make modern music the OG-way. With his debut release, Rebirth, in 2018, the artist has been consistently expanding his sound and style to create eclectic flavors of EDM/electronic/house music! Any Other Night by Max M (2021) is a wonderful vignette about one magical night that manifested love and life.

The soundscape is an exercise in vivacity as the artist busts out a fresh hope in celebration of love and light. Roaming sonic basslines branch out into bright neon synths that are absorbed by ecstatic patterns sprinkled across the track. With a grand visual show, it is engaging to witness the transfixing molds that the artist fills with music. We see classic violin accents enhancing the celebratory energy of the track.

The artist sets up euphoric peaks across the track, using short and intense beat climbs to surge us to the top. The neon nets of vocals and synths break the fall and take us into emotional delicacies. The vocals serve as a vessel for the thematic lyrics. And the true essence if realized in the magnificent sways and movement of melodies that the artist lines up with beautiful intention.

The artist’s sophisticated sound and dedication to the art swells out of every one of his project. It is no wonder that he was a finalist in the International songwriting competition, 2020 and a two-time winner in the Unsigned Only, 2020 and 2021. Don’t forget to check out his latest release, Scream.

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