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Devine Lie-Indelible Stain
Devine Lie-Indelible Stain
Devine Lie-Indelible Stain

Devine Lie-Indelible Stain | An audio imprint

Devine Lie is a band that likes to outperform themselves. Their music is a constant search for new themes and sounds, and they put out whole albums only. This is their 10th album, Indelible Stain. The single we’re looking at today is the title track from the album, and it goes to show the pedestal they’ve built for themselves.

With a theme like this, an eerie sound is an apt preface. The 6th track in their album, we are about halfway in when we need a serious change of pace. The song starts on a softer note, but has something creatively brilliant lined up as an arrangement. The chorus is an elastic hook, has the joy of alt-rock sound yet sparkles with the light of their own reflection. The verse takes a step back, it is a cushion of sorts for the sound that is the bludgeoning attack of the chorus. The tones subside, and you now float on the valley of the wave of sound. Devine Lie make some unique choices in terms of output, the bass especially earning its own space for the verses. It almost counters as the balance for the vocals, when the verse section is a trade off within melodies.

The band was formed in 2004, and is based in Barbados, as well as Cape Town, South Africa. Their sound has mushroomed into something special, especially from their 2011 release, My Blood Runs Cold. There is a joy in their sound that comes with re-examining and artful choices to evolve. Listen to their single from their latest album here:

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