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Einsam - Samantics
Einsam - Samantics

Einsam – Samantics | Micro Electropop

Einsam (AKA Sam Jackson) is a Bristol-based producer and songwriter. While living in Vienna for three years, Jackson came up with the project, explaining his name. In German, Einsam means solitary or Onesome which seemed appropriate for a solo project. Having released music since 2020, Jackson has just released his latest EP, Samantics. With only 4 songs and a runtime of a little over fifteen minutes, Samantics is a beautiful EP that will enchant listeners.

I Land is the first track off the EP. It starts off with strong synth and hard beats. When the vocals come in, the track takes shape. With a groovy instrumental and what sounds like an experimental sound, Einsam uses various techniques to move his music through different genres. I find the synth on this track is powerful, but it doesn’t overpower the rest of the track. Einsam’s vocals are a bit airy, but that just adds to the atmosphere of the track. I love how dynamic this composition is filling and opening up spaces so as to not overwhelm the listener.

At Eye Level is a funky track that sounds like the most fun one to have worked on. There’s so much going on with this track. I would probably call it Micropop like Jack Stauber’smusic. The Jazz influence is extremely liminal on this track. It feels like the track could be helpful while doing anything because of the high tempo. It feels great to work along with it because you achieve this great state of Flow. Something about this track sounds vaguely familiar, but I don’t mind because it everything on the track sounds so tight.

The third track on the EP, Tunnelvision has a very gloomy atmosphere that gets gloomier by the second. The synth builds the anxiety up till the drum roll hits a crescendo. There’s a heavy Jazz/Blues influence in this track that sounds so divine. The dark undertones of the song really stick out with the lyrics and the track’s timbre. I absolutely love how Einsam is able to manipulate emotions and feelings with his chordal tendencies. This artist is not new when it comes to composing and it shows. I can totally picture this song playing on the soundtrack of a gritty cop drama.

Moving on to the final track, Turn It Over, we have a relatively mellow song. The beat on this track is fairly simple, and more on the high end. This takes away the need for other percussions that you don’t find in a lot of music these days. There is the overarching gloominess of the lyrics that seem to explore connection and disconnection in his music. This seems to be a recurring theme in Einsam’s music. Turn It Over reminds me of a Gorillaz track for some reason, but I’m not complaining because I’m a huge fan. It’s the kind of song you’d probably listen to when you’re chilling in your room and want something easy to listen to.

This EP can be described as many things, but I really believe that it is uniquely micropopish. There’s probably a better word for it, but this seems to be as accurate a descriptive term as possible. Don’t believe me? Listen to it for yourself.

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