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Leo Aram-Downs – Within Dreams | Peaceful

In his current song “Within Dreams“, Leo Aram-Downs gave a fantastic performance. Leo Aram-Downs is a singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who grew up in London and now lives in Brighton. The music will make you feel free and inspire you to achieve your goals despite the difficulties. The progression in particular is quite enticing. The sound is kept clean to allow the words to breathe and interact directly with the listeners. The music has a calming quality to it, which will help to boost the mood. Listeners would undoubtedly like the pleasantness. The music has a lot of colours in it, which makes you feel like you’re hearing various personal experiences in layers throughout time. The performance is really natural and in tune with the mood, which is very impressive. Every word is delivered with the right amount of ferocity.

The guitar tones play an important role in setting the tone for the song. The vocals, as well as the tonal depths of the stacked instruments, came out as one. The intimate audio design, along with creative usage of effects such as a vocoder or even swelling gliding guitar notes, creates the ideal environment for listeners to relax and enjoy. The sound is given a more organic sense by the gentle usage of natural sounds. In terms of harmony, the E. Piano is really significant. The sound has a minimalistic approach overall, yet each instrument has its own spot and resonates with full characteristics. The mood will undoubtedly amaze listeners, and the song’s lyrics have an unusual take on the matter that would definitely stick with lyrical fans.

In addition, we have an interview with “Leo Aram-Downs” in which he discusses his thinking patterns and the process of composing “Within Dreams”.

1. What may the song’s genesis be? Is it the chord progression or the lyrical theme that led to the song’s starting?

“Normally when I write, it’s usually a case of having a vocal melody pretty much finished, and then adding chords underneath it that accentuate it in the right way. This song was a bit of an exception, in that I had this really clearly outlined chord progression. The voice leading dictated where the vocal melody would sit on top of it. As for the lyrical theme itself, I keep a folder of potential song titles that I’d like to write to, and serendipitously, it fit the rhythm of this tune, so I ran with it!”

2. The arrangements and productions are kept quite personal, although there are a few key elements, such as the vocoders and guitar slides, that are really impressive. So, how did you go about putting the track together?

Again, a bit of an outlier for this one. The main guitar and vocal were actually one live take I did when I was making drafts for the project. I actually ended up liking the performance on it, and decided to build everything up around it. I usually write things super quantised and on the grid, so it was nice to have to throw all that out the window and actually respond to a more imperfect and free performance.”

3. Is there anything more you’d want to say about the song that you’d like to share with the fans?

“There’s a John Green quote that I love: “books belong to their readers”. Much in the same way, I believe songs belong to their listeners. That is to say, authorial intent is great, and obviously I had my reasons to write this song, but it’s up to the listener to find their own place in the music and decide what it means to them. That’s an infinitely more worthwhile experience in my opinion.”

4. Which bands and musicians have had the most influence on you?

“That’s such a difficult question! I love musicians and artists who are working their hardest just to convey an honest version of themselves; when there’s so much emphasis on stylistic conformity, sometimes that’s the hardest thing to do. It’s always hugely reassuring to see someone making art that they felt they had to make irrespective of how it’s going to perform. That’s what I wanted to do with this single as well. I wanted to throw every marketing strategy and every concern I had about streaming numbers to the wayside and just let the art exist.”

5. What more can we expect in the near future? I’m sure the fans are eager to know!

“In the near future, I’ll be putting the rest of the EP out (sometime in the new year most likely), and then who knows! This EP has taken a lot of my attention and it’ll be nice to see where I go when I’m free to explore again. I’m excited to see what happens!”

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