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“I Won’t Complain” by KIA: A soulful take on RnB, finished to perfection

KIA, a Dutch singer-songwriter, is an artist now residing in Los Angeles, and showcases a soulful sound with a distinctive and memorable tone. Similar to her diverse heritage, her music seamlessly blends multiple genres, rooted in neo-soul while emphasizing elements of pop and R&B. Keep reading for my thoughts on her latest single, “I Won’t Complain”!

The song opens with a gentle guitar and synth riff that sets the tone for the rest of the track. The drums and bass are subtle but potent, providing a solid foundation for KIA’s vocals. It features soulful guitar melodies, creating a distinctive musical signature, something that a lot of artists continue to aspire to even today. The vocals stand out for their strong personality, contributing a unique character to the music– with KIA’s smart use of harmonies and vocal layers to yield depth and warmth to the sound.

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As we walk into the hook, we notice a lot more happening in the mix with all the guitar layers building up with swathes of wafty reverbs in the background, with fun, creative synth doodads in the background that serve as the perfect kind of eye candy that elevate how interesting this track is to listen to. The bridge features another verse that features nice countermelodies that set the stage for the long guitar solo slash outro that finds itself layered back with the vocals, that serves as a great showcase of the guitar skills at play in making this song.

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The mix and master for “I Won’t Complain” is potent, with great focus on the low-end and a large expanse of space being created throughout the mix, just enough to accommodate all the drama that you find yourself in the middle of the song– and it makes for a tight, enjoyable sound that many will find delicious. There’s no two ways about it, this song is engineered extremely well, and that only serves to elevate the playing field much, much further.

Overall, “I Won’t Complain” by KIA makes for a great listen no matter where you are and what you find yourself up to– its approachable and enjoyable sound is sure to brighten your day. Check out the track here!

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Kia’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/kiaknoester/

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@kiaknoester

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